BREAKING: They FINALLY Admitted It! – They Were Hiding It For A YEAR!

President Trump’s election gave pacemakers all over Washington and New York their biggest workout in years. To say that it was a surprise would be an understatement, and no one was more shocked than the mainstream media, who had all their eggs in Hillary’s sure-fire basket. The election was hers to lose, and lose it she did.

While many across the nation considered Hillary’s loss to be evidence that the much appealed to “silent majority” really did exist, the left never ceases to try and spin theories as to how President Trump’s win was a mistake, or a should be overturned. That however was not the end of the surprises for the abundant liberals in Washington.

Not only were liberals sure that President Trump would lose, but they were even more sure, once he was elected, that he would be completely ineffectual.

They were sure that his frank diplomacy and lack of experience in the law would be the final nails in a coffin they built themselves for our 45th Commander-in-Chief’s political career. Once again though, they were wrong, and nobody knows that more than the media.

They tried to spin it, to cover it up, to tell us that the droves of kept campaign promises would spell the end of America as we know it, but the people saw a politician finally making good on his promises, and we have been delighted.

What’s not so delightful is the way that the mainstream media has been lying to us, and covering up the successes of the President for the past year. Fox News‘s Howard Kurtz recently wrote about the shift in the media’s official story, and how they’re finally having to admit that they were wrong, and President Trump is doing a pretty good job:

“It’s true that the president had not gotten much from the Republican Congress this year. But a new law that cuts taxes for businesses and individuals—even though the measure polls poorly and is not mainly aimed at the middle class—puts an end to the verdict that Trump doesn’t know how to work the Hill. Like it or not, this is a sprawling piece of legislation that was quickly pushed through the House and Senate in a show of party-line muscle.

Trump hasn’t gotten much credit for the record-breaking stock market, but there is now some recognition that Dow-Almost-25,000 can’t be completely divorced from his policies. And there’s starting to be a greater appreciation for the president’s progress on slashing regulations and appointing judges (even though three nominees recently had to withdraw, one because he couldn’t answer a Senate panel’s questions about basic court procedures).

On Axios, Jim VandeHei, and Mike Allen stake out the new ground:

‘The media often appraises presidencies and politics through liberal-tinted glasses. But the vast majority of the Republican Party like, even love, these policies …

‘We have been saying all year: Watch what he does, not what he says. Until recently, he hasn’t done much. But these wins are substantial, with consequences for millions of people and many years to come.’

They note that Trump has won approval not just for Neil Gorsuch but for a dozen Circuit Court judges.

And while Trump failed in repeated attempts to scrap ObamaCare, he boasted yesterday abolishing the individual mandate—a provision added to the tax bill—amounts to repealing the health care program. That’s an overstatement, but letting people wait until they get sick to buy insurance could well undermine the exchanges created by Barack Obama.

On foreign policy, there is a telling New York Times piece by conservative columnist Ross Douthat, a harsh critic of Trump. He says the decimation of ISIS has drawn scant media attention:

‘There is nothing more characteristic of the Trump era, with its fire hose of misinformation, scandal and hyperbole, than that America and its allies recently managed to win a war that just two years ago consumed headlines and dominated political debate and helped Donald Trump himself get elected president — and somehow nobody seemed to notice.’

It’s true there was no surrender ceremony and ISIS still exists, but it has lost physical stronghold in Iraq.

Says Douthat: ‘This is also a press failure, a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested.’

But the narrative is changing a bit. While Trump remains quite unpopular, at least according to the polls, the media are reluctantly starting to acknowledge that his presidency is having a significant impact.”

You might be wondering why this is a big deal. Does it really matter what the common man thinks about the President? He’s elected, so he can do what he deems best, and we can re-evaluate at re-election. The truth is that it does matter. Not only do we have mid-terms that could decide the majority of lawmakers, but a confident and encouraged people, are a prospering and spending people. And a prospering and spending people make a strong economy, which makes more jobs, and more spending, and the circle goes on and on.

So yes, it matters that we’re being lied to. It always has and it always will. Fake news is a big deal because whether you like it or not, those talking heads are affecting you and me, even if we’re not listening to them, and it’s time that they be exposed for the liars that they really are.

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