After Trump Learns Of Vicious Attack, Secret Service Escorts Him To Hospital

A shocking incident took place last night after President Donald Trump learned of a vicious attack. However, what people didn’t know is that he went to the hospital with Secret Service shortly after – and the nation has been left stunned after hearing what happened while he was there.

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As we all know, the left is on a rampage these days. In fact, Trump faced some of his harshest criticism yesterday after successfully passing his tax cut bill. Despite allowing Americans to keep more of their hard earned money, liberals across the country still saw a need to attack the man over it.

Of course, Trump supporters have been left baffled as to why anyone would see a problem with the president putting money in their pockets, but that isn’t stopping the left from lashing out. Too bad for them, it seems that Trump doesn’t really care about their temper tantrum.

Knowing that he did the right thing, he had his victory speech in front of the White House and has since moved on. Even better yet, he’s disregarded liberal complaints as irrelevant and is making sure to stay focused on the important things.

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Proving just that, he had Secret Service escort him to the hospital last night – and what he did there has left the nation completely stunned. After boarding Marine One, the President was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, D.C., for a very special reason.

Although many people were left in the dark up until the last minute, Trump would eventually break the news just before departing. According to American News 24/7, “The reason? To visit wounded U.S. soldiers ahead of the holiday season.” But, that’s not all.

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President Trump is visiting wounded U.S. soldiers on Thursday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center just outside Washington, D.C. “We’ll be over there for a while, but we’re just going to wish them a merry Christmas,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House. [Source: The Hill]

Calling the soldiers “some of the bravest people anywhere in the world,” Trump decided to use his time at the medical center for something even more spectacular. As it turns out, Trump presented the Purple Heart to an injured soldier and an American hero.

Come to find out, the man honored that day was First Lieutenant Victor Prato. He was injured in Afghanistan in 2017 during a vehicle-borne IED blast and rollover incident left him with “multiple soft tissue injuries.”

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This isn’t the first time Trump has done something like this. In fact, another similar incident took place just after he was sworn in as President.

Just after his inauguration, Trump disappeared in just that fashion, only to reappear a short time later at Andrews Air Force Base — to greet the body of a fallen Navy SEAL. He did it again Thursday afternoon, just 24 hours after a public press conference cheering the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — and he only answered one question before he boarded Marine One. [Source: IJ Review]

Trump has always and still continues to demonstrate where both his and this country’s priorities lie. The freedoms and liberties we experience every day here in America don’t come easily or cheap. Even worse yet, some of these luxuries have been paid for in blood and death.Image may contain: 1 person, standing and suit

It is our duty to thank those who keep us safe and our responsibility to take care of those injured while serving our country. Fortunately, President Donald Trump is the exact opposite of his predecessor as our military now knows it has a Commander-in-Chief worthy of taking orders from.

Even better yet, he respects each and everyone willing to do what it takes to keep America safe.


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